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You Gotta Start Somewhere


My birthday was last week, and my good friend Lenny sent me this picture as a “present.” Thanks Lenny.  Everyone in the Nutrition53 office got a good laugh at this picture of me as an early teenager playing hoops.  I am not sure what I was thinking in terms of my training attire, but luckily now my wife Julie helps me avoid similar wardwrobe disasters. 

Anyway, my point in sharing this funny picture with you is to express that everyone has a starting point, wherever that might be.  And the route from point A to point B is simple: you figure out where you want to go, you determine your strategy to get there, and then you execute with hard work and determination.

So when you get done laughing at this picture, just remember that we all start somewhere.  And it’s where we end up that’s important.

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6 Responses to “You Gotta Start Somewhere”

  1. Tommy Lewis said:

    Great Pic, I’ve got a few like it. It is important especially in anything you do; sports, art, science, and most of all in life to develop and define your goals, then target them with relentless tenacity. Thanks Romo, you’ve been an inspiration to alot of us hardworking, old-school football players.

  2. admin said:

    Is this Tommy Lewis Alabama’s 12th man?

  3. Tommy Lewis said:

    No, This Tommy Lewis is still playing football and living the dream at Graceland University. I have loved that Alabama’s 12th man story since I was a kid though.

  4. bmeiers said:

    Happy belated Birthday and kudos to you for being brave enough to post that pic. I think we’ve all got pics like that just waiting to pop up and remind us of our humble beginnings. Keep up the great work!

  5. Ed said:

    Followed your career since Boston College. Thanks for all your hard work and please keep pressing for the coaching positions. Football needs you! Is there a possibility you can share any childhood stories since you grew up in the town that gave us Gene Pitney?


  6. Mike Johnston said:

    yeah… good for other to realise that you start somewhere. Hard work, dedication adn discpline contribute to success.

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