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Who Is This Dave Matthews Guy?

My good friend Tracie Bennett is a photographer for Dave Matthews.  Tracie let me know that Dave Matthews would be playing at the outdoor Greek Theater in Berkeley.  He talked to his assistant Brett and they managed to hook me up with back stage tickets to the show. 

For me personally, I did not know much about Dave Matthews prior to the concert.  Maybe that’s part of being absorbed in the NFL so intensely and for so long.  So when we went to the concert, I really didn’t know what to expect.  But his music was so moving, and I was very impressed with meeting him.  He really is a class act.  Julie and I decided to bring Dalton and Alexandra so they could meet Dave and enjoy the concert as well.  We brought him a care package of Neuro1, Sleep1 and Lean1 and left it in his trailer for him to enjoy later.  I am really excited to get some feedback on that.  Having great seats and watching him perform, I can clearly see why Dave Matthews has the reputation he does.  He has a great band and his music is just really cool.  It just puts you in a certain place, I kept saying, “I like this song” to everything he played.  The whole evening was perfect.  Loved the music, had a phenomenal time, then we went and got some frozen yogurt in downtown Berkeley.

So my first of hopefully several Dave Matthews concerts was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to see him again.  Thanks Brett and Dave for sharing your show with me and my family.  We will always be grateful and look forward to taking care of you with Nutrition53 products to make your life even better.

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4 Responses to “Who Is This Dave Matthews Guy?”

  1. Mike"Oly" Olson said:

    Hey Romo. Let me know if you and your son are in for the hunt I was talking to you about. 11-15 thru 11-17. Jack is tearing up the field this year as a freshman. How is the A-11 team doing? I will now relate this blog to Dave Matthews. I think he likes to kill deer! Oly.

  2. Matt Sweeny said:

    Wow what a privilege - back stage is amazing. Dave Matthews is some really great music. Did you stay through the whole concert?

  3. brandon said:

    jusr want to say how lucky you are.. ive been a dave matthews fan forever here in jersey and would give my right arm for the opportunity to meet him. if you have any pointers besides knowin the photograpger please let me know.

  4. lauren said:

    anyway to hook a girl up with some passes?

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