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Tough Times

With the current state of our economy, it’s obvious alot of people are falling on tough times.  I am an athlete, not an economist, but it’s clear to me that many of these problem came about because people entered agreements they could not honor, for a variety of reasons.

I have a very good friend who runs one of the largest sports nutrition companies in the country right now who told me something in confidence.  Out of excitement for the ideas and opportunities, I slipped and mentioned what he shared with me to someone else. I broke trust with someone who means an awful lot to me. 

I apologized, and I meant it. I paid a major price for mistake, and it was something that meant a lot to me. And I’ve learned from it and truly will try to focus on my integrity, focus on my word when I give it to somebody, and I had to learn this the hard way.  This has happened before and now this has happened again, and I am sure, at one point or another, it is something that has happened to all of us.  This is something I need to put to work in my business life and my personal life with my friends and family. 

We are a society that sometimes gives our word loosely.  I think there was a time when you didn’t go to an attorney everytime you were going to do a deal with someone.  A lot of times you looked someone in the eye, gave them a handshake, and you did business.  Now there is an attorney on every corner looking to screw somebody.  I dno’t mean to give attorney’s a bad name, but I wish we could eliminate suing from our vocabulary and get back to giving words that mean something.  That is something I am giving today.  My word will mean something. 

Take that to the bank. 

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One Response to “Tough Times”

  1. David McDonald said:

    Mr. Romanowski,
    Sir, I’m sure you get more e-mails than you can count. You have been a hero of mine since I was little. I’ve always had a dream to be involved in the NFL, though that dream has eluded me. You have been a huge inspiration to me as player. I know that this has nothing to do with this post I just felt the need to thank you.

    David McDonald

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