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There’s Something About the Underdog

Super Bowl XXXII, I was with Denver playing the Packers and we went in as the underdog.  Actually we went in as wild cards. Reminds me of the Cardinals going into the Super Bowl this Sunday.  The Cardinals are going up against the mighty Stealers, the number one defense in the league.  This is a team that came from no where.  No one thought they could win.  No one thought they could beat Carolina, no one thought they could beat the Eagles and now they are playing in the Super Bowl.

The key to this team right now is is Curt Warner.  From grocery boy to arena football to the best show on earth with the Rams, Super Bowl MVP, winning one super Bowl, losing one Super Bowl.  He brings a belief to the Arizona cardinals that if they play together as a team they can win.  That belief got stronger and stronger towards the end of the season. 

It’s why they say you gotta play the game, because no one would have thought the Cardinals would even had a chance at making it to the Super Bowl.  Now they not only made it, but I think they have a a great chance at winning the Super Bowl. 

Great players play great in big games.  Curt Warner is going to have the Stealers defense attacking him from every direction.  Look for him to have an outstanding game utilizing the quick passing game, and running the football with Edgerrin James.  I’m really looking forward to this game, I always love rooting for the underdog.  Look for a huge upset with the Cardinals winning on the last second field goal to win by 1 point.

I’ll end my story with congratulations to the Cardinals for making believers out of your team, teammates, organization, city, the league, the country, and the world. Go get yourself a Super Bowl ring.

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    Bill I was wondering if you could contact me at my email about possible superbowl analysis. I took a look at lenny’s site…I will have to send him a note it looks good.

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