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Success Is a Team Sport

Great week.  Outstanding week. 

Tuesday was quite a day in that I did a motivational speech to Bally’s Fitness Club general managers in the entire Bay Area.  It was awesome to see how committed they are, how excited they got, how motivating it was for me to talk with a group of committed professionals who are out there changing lives.  Truly a group of people who are passionate about changing peoples lives, getting healthier, having more energy.

 From there I met with Alden, the inventor of The Perfect Push Up.  Talked with him about business, about nutrition, about challenges he had and we met at the Grove down in the Marina district of SF.  Alden is a Navy Seal and he puts everything in Seal terms.  I’m a retired football player that puts everything in terms of football.  So between the two of us we had a great time developing a relationship. 

Then I had a session with my spiritual advisor, Anahaar and I realized I have been so focused on business lately I had gotten away from my meditation.  So I got back into my meditations and brought some balance into my life. 

That night I took a red eye into Philadelphia and had a motivational talk with Philly Coca-Cola about goal setting.  Talked about what really set the football organizations I played for apart.  About what it makes the difference between making the play offs and not making the play offs.  The difference between winning Superbowls or not.  It really starts with the leader of the organization.  It’s about practicing what you preach.  And Coke Philly is one of the top bottlers and distribution centers for that company.  So it’s great to fire them up and get them ready to be at the top again in 08.

Flew back into LA and went to my Strategic Coach clinic, which is an executive training course that I do four times a year.  We always focus on the positive things we accomplished last business quarter, lay out our goals for the next quarter.  Yesterday we looked at a list of 20 things that helped our confidence to be the best we can be and we also went through a naming strategy exercise for naming unique processes within a business.

Came back last night, woke up bright and early, did some meditation, and came into the office for a great day with my team at Nutrition53.  They inspire me, they enlighten me, they encourage me, they humble me, and most importantly, they are truly what makes our company special. 

After this week, I have one thought to share - I want to encourage everyone to surround themselves with great people.  Because there is nothing more inspiring than connecting with other teammates to form a bond to have success with. 

Success is never as great when you are alone as when you are doing it with an awesome team. 

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« The Story of My 10th Birthday PresentYou Can’t Overestimate the Importance of Sleep »

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