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Romo’s Guide for Beginning Meditation

The other day I wrote about how meditation has helped me feel more balanced in my life.  I think it can help many others too, even if you don’t think it’s the type of thing for you.  Here is my guide for beginners who want to give meditation a try:

1. Find a Quiet Place - Just someplace where there aren’t a ton of distractions, traffic, people talking.  It may just be a peaceful corner in your office or home.

2. Get Comfortable in Your Surroundings - If there are distractions, try to eliminate them.  Make sure you feel comfortable and stable so that you can really focus during your meditation.

3. Your Position - Sit crossed legged on the floor, with both sit-bones square and on the ground.  Relax your muscles but make sure your spine is straight, starting from your neck all the way down.  Place your hands on top of your knees, palms facing upwards and allow your fingers to naturally curve upwards.  Gently close your eyes.

4. Focus On Your Breathing - Start breathing with a pattern of 5 seconds inhalation through your nose followed by 5 seconds exhalation through your mouth.  Bring your breath all the way down to your tummy.  Allow yourself to let go of other thoughts and focus on this breathing pattern.

5. Nurture Your Body and Your Brain - I like to visualize on how amazing the human body is, visualizing different functions, joints, muscles, and how my brain works with the rest of my body. 

6. Focus on You - Think about the person you are and the person you want to be throughout the rest of your day.  When I do this, I try to take myself through my day and goals, or my intentions for the day.  I try to make my energy real and set a precedent for being positive throughout the day. 

7. Give Thanks - Finally, I give thanks for the world, for my life, and the people in my life. 

8. Focus on Your Breathing - Once again, return your focus to your breathing pattern of 5 seconds inhalation through your nose followed by 5 seconds exhalation through your mouth.  Do this for a few minutes until you are ready to open your eyes.

I wish I had found meditation while I was playing football.  I think it could have really helped me focus my energy and add balance to my life.  It could have helped me be a better player than I was and I think it can really help other developing atheltes. I hope you give meditation a try and please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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2 Responses to “Romo’s Guide for Beginning Meditation”

  1. Dan Piombo said:

    Mr. Romanowski,

    I met you in 1988 when I was 15 years old as the Shriners East West game. My brother, father and I were lucky enough to have you at our table at the Players’ breakfast. You gave me a football signed by yourself as well as all the payers on your team. I remember being very impressed with your calm demeanor and kindness as you took extra time to talk to my brother and me about your love for football. From that day forward I followed your career and I recently read your book. Your dedication, hard work and commitment to your career and health are great examples for many in all aspects of life.

    Thank you for the years (20 years) of entertainment and thank you for playing the game to its fullest. You may regret some of your actions throughout your career, but as you explained in your book, you were playing the game as hard as you could and trying to survive, which you did successfully…besides, it’s football… that is how the game should be played…it is a contact sport, as you showed all fans of the sport and many of your opponents.

    Congratulations on your great sports career and good luck with your future endeavors.

    I still have the East West football that you gave me and a signed East West program. If you or your kids ever what these items for mementos of the past, please let me know.

    Dan Piombo
    [email protected]

  2. Vince Palko said:

    Hi Bill… Can I get permission to reprint this post into a book I am publishing called “Gridiron Mind Power”? Please let me know. Am a big fan. Vince Palko … I can plug your website in the book under the blurb. Lemme know… VincePalko.com

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    April 22, 2008
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    Ask yourself these questions regading your visualized outcome: “What will I be doing when I reach my goal?” and “Where will I be when I reach my goal?” Try to incorporate as many details as possible, like who else will be with you, time of day, and location. Most importantly, make sure that you really believe in the situation you are visualizing. Take Neuro1 on a daily basis to help strengthen your visualization skills and provide you with the energy to accomplish the work it takes to reach your goals, whatever they might be.
    When you can visualize success and put in the work required, you can reach success.

    Posted by Bill Romanowski

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