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Romo Wasn’t Built in a Day

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No matter what you are doing, it always takes hard work to get the results you want.

Last week I got to spend some extra time with my son because my wife Julie and our daughter were out of town skiing. He is really into La Crosse right now and it appears he is just starting to understand the relationship of hard work and results. You work hard, you get results. For me, it’s exciting to watch his eyes opening up to this relationship and when we train together, I can tell he is putting in the effort it takes to get where he wants to go with the sport.

I have to remind him that everyone at the top puts in their fair share of time and hard work. NFL players, movie stars, artists, business owners . . . it all takes time, energy, and attention to detail. And at my own business at Nutrition53, I have to remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day (check out the N53 Team above unloading the truck). My football career wasn’t built in a day - it was 20 years of hard work on the field and in the weight room, and it also took the support of my family and friends. Small steps everyday ends in big results over time, no matter what game you are playing.

When you look at your goal and the road you need to travel to get there, I want you to remember that Rome wasn’t built in day. Anything worth accomplishing doesn’t just happen in a day. It takes time, it takes committment everyday - and eventually you will get where you want to be.

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« An AFC Championship StoryA Lesson From College Football Practice »

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  1. Al said:

    Romo - Happy Birthday brother all the best today. Have a blast.

    (Sorry I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this)

    Cheers brother,

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