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Positive Drug Tests in the NFL

I am disheartened to hear a bunch of NFL guys have tested positive for water pills.  First of all, if they are taking them to lose weight, there is not a dumber way to lose weight than to drain your body of its most precious element - water.  There is nothing that will hurt athletic performance like being dehydrated. 

Secondly, if they are trying to mask a anabolic with a diuretic, they are playing Russian Roulette with their lives, with their families, and with their integrity.  I’ve said it in my book , I’ve said it on 60 minutes, and I ‘ll say it again right now: that is the wrong way to go about being an athlete.

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3 Responses to “Positive Drug Tests in the NFL”

  1. Christopher Morin said:


    Do you do appearances? I own the Massena Silver & Black Raiders a Semi-Pro Football Team in upstate ny. Our guys play for the love of the game. You can shoot me an email or checkout our site. Even at our level there is some steroid use but its not regulated. We have our first banquet on Nov. 22nd 2008, what would it take to get you to make a video clip congratulating our all stars and coaches on their inaugural year and talking about the use of steroids. Let me know if this is possible.

    Christopher Morin
    Team Owner
    Massena Silver & Black Raiders
    Massena, NY

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  3. mike oqueli said:

    dear bill how can i come to contact with you i just finshed reading your book and its changed the way i play footballnow im 18 years old this ismy email [email protected]

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