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On Winning Super Bowls

Recently a reporter in an interview asked me this question: “In what ways did winning the Super Bowl improve your life?”

I wanted to share my answer with you. Here is how winning a Super Bowl changed my life:

As a child I spent many hours dreaming of becoming a professional football player and playing in the Super Bowl some day. I am living proof that dreams do come true to those who believe and work hard. It gives me the confidence and drive every day to continue dreaming and believing that I can change the world with a great team of people around me. That’s what I was able to do 4 times as NFL star with great coaches and teammates. Now as the CEO of Nutrition53 I am leading a great group people and guiding them and helping them believe they can become World Champions in the nutrition industry. So it starts with a dream and takes a lot of hard work, dedication, love, passion and believing in your team to change the world. That is not just my dream but my promise!

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« There’s Something About the UnderdogLet’s Talk Football »

2 Responses to “On Winning Super Bowls”

  1. Michelle Matyi said:

    I would like to share a blog I have been following about a wounded American soldier, Kevin Kammerdein, who was injured by a roadside bombing in Afghanistan.He is currently recovering at a hospital in Tampa. I think it would be great if you and some of the guys could swing by and brighten his day while you are down there. Here is the link:
    Thanks for taking the time to read this story.
    Michelle Matyi

  2. Josh Harris said:

    My name is Josh Harris, I’ve been playing tackle football since i was five. i finished up my freshman season and Mountain Vista High School in Colorado at D-End and we went 10-0
    I got into football because of watching you in Denver. I wear #53 and have since starting football. I’ve lost some fat and gained some muscle in hopes for making the switch to LOLB for the rest of my High School career. I love how you played the game and although im a die-hard Broncos fan i think you were at ur best in Oakland. The Tenasity you play with is inspiring and quite frankly…Bad ass. I hope the Broncos get rid of there new D-cordinator and hire you…I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me and Here’s to hoping you come back to Denver
    Your biggest fan,
    Josh HARRIS

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