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On The Air

I frequently visit radio stations to check in, talk football, and spend some time on the air.  It’s fun, there’s nothing like getting the chance to talk to and with thousands of listeners.  Yesterday I got a chance to be on the San Francisco based radio show Fernando and Greg, on Energy 92.7 FM for their Sassy Sports show. 

Those guys are absolutely crazy.









Here’s Greg showing off some Super Bowl rings. Both the rings and the 53 jersey are baggie on Greg, I think he needs to hit the gym this summer!

Which reminds me, I can tell its summer break from school right now because I’ve been getting quite a few comments regarding summer training for developing football players.  Awesome guys - this is the time to make the strength and fitness gains that will help you have a better season this fall.  Its those extra steps, like doing core-workouts everyday and hard work in the gym during the summer that put you in front of your competition. 

So my next entry will be in regards to a summer training advice for developing football players.  Nothing fancy, just the basics that helped me and others get stronger and prepare for the season. 

Until then, take care of yourselves and get ready for some hard work!

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    Happy Father’s Day Romo - Have a good day with
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