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No Such Thing as Pre-Season

We’re out of the pre-season and into the regular season. There’s been a lot going on around the league.  A lot of people say that pre-season doesn’t matter. . . well  guess what?  That’s like saying losing doesn’t matter.  That’s like saying winning doesn’t matter.  It does matter!  It’s an attitude. When you take the field whether it is the first, second, or third field, you want a certain brand to show up on the football field.  That’s guys flying around with a sense of urgency to come out on top.  I won four Super Bowls playing with the greatest teams, and every one of those teams played great during pre-season. 

Anyone who tries to tell you pre-season doesn’t matter is full of it.

Let’s break down divisions:

AFC East - Miami is 4 and 0 in the pre-season, New England is 4 and 1.  Those two teams will battle it out for the division.  The reason why Miami will be in the hunt will be because of their running game.  They are committed to running the ball.  NE is all about pass and flash with Tom Brady.  Be careful NE, if Miami wins the division.

AFC North - Once again the two rivals Baltimore and Pittsburgh will be at the top once again.  Look for Baltimore to get the edge this year with Joey Falco at QB, and great defense.  Pittsburgh, because of disruptions, injuries, and lack of focus having won the super bowl, they might just be a little soft this year. 

AFC South - This is a three-team division: Tennessee, Indianapolis and Jacksonville.  And how I see it, it’s basically a toss up.  TN will play during the season and Kerry Collins will find a way to screw it up in the end.  Things will come down to Indianapolis or Jacksonville.

AFC West - Controversy:  there’s only one team that didn’t have any.  No disruptions down in San Diego.  Denver . . .a whirlwind, new coach, issues, got rid of franchise QB, they’ve got a coach with no personality.  I see too many disruptions for them to win the division.  Oakland has positives: Jamarcus Russell is playing good, consistent, error free football. Kansas City is up in the air, a new coach, they fired offensive coordinator, new QB.  It will take a few years for them to really get it figured out.  KC will be at the bottom once again this year.  You never know what is going to happen with the Raiders, they just might come together to beat San Diego to win the division. 

NFC East - Dallas, New York, Philly, a three team division with Washington not having a chance.  None of the teams did very well in pre-season but look for Philly and the Giants to come out on top at the end of the year. 

NFC North - Here we go again with another Brett Favre come back.  Minnesota will take the division this year.  Too bad Green Bay, Aaron Rogers is good but he still ain’t Brett Favre.  Chicago, you have a great QB in Jay Cutler but you don’t have any body for him to throw to. Detroit, number one draft pick Matthew Stafford. . . there will be growing pains and promise . . . You will win a couple games this year.  Be happy with that and start getting ready for next year.

NFC South - This will be a battle between New Orleans and Atlanta.  Atlanta with Matt Ryan at the helm with QB, a Rookie wonder last year, will come in with a tight end in Tony Gonzalez and they will win the division this year.

My prediction for the Super Bowl: Miami vs. the Minnesota Vikings.  That is subject to change.  We’ll keep you updated regularly throughout the season. 

Let’s get ready for some real football! Let’s get fired up and lets get ready to rock!

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3 Responses to “No Such Thing as Pre-Season”

  1. Damon said:

    I never thought I would say this but I hope the Raiders can take the division if Denver cant! Denver (”my team”) is in tons of trouble and I don’t see them winning any more than 5 games. I hope I’m wrong.
    I also think Cassel will be destroyed in KC, He was after all playing for a team that only lost one game the year before. I might have been able to pull out a couple of wins, ok maybe not.
    Interesting pick for the SB, I have to agree with your assessment for the most part.
    This will be an interesting year!

  2. Sandra Libby said:

    No way on the comment about New England. Flashy quarterback may get you a few games but not the past great YEARS we have had. They are a great team and as you have said great teams come also from great coaching!

  3. adam said:

    romo you are a beast and im a fan yu called like half of these predictions on your list….keep tearin shit up in whatever you do…from a big fan…

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