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NFL Draft Time

Twenty one years ago this week, I was a senior coming out of Boston College and getting ready for the NFL draft.  What a nerve racking weekend that was!  Not knowing where my future was headed . . . What city? What team would I end up with?  Where would I go?  Would I play inside linebacker or outside linebacker?  I got three calls the day of the draft.  One from the Dallas Cowboys who were making a decision between me and Ken Norton Jr.  The next were the Indianapolis Colts who were getting ready to pick and they thought the Raiders were going to pick a QB . . . they didn’t so the Colts grabbed Chris Chandler for QB.  And soon after, I got a call from San Francisco 49ers and they drafted me in the third round. 

Wow.  I didn’t know much about them.  I was pretty blown away because I knew I would have a chance to win a Super Bowl.  I came out to San Francisco, and what a culture shock!  I couldn’t believe how every single day was sunny, and nice, and beautiful.  But it was a hard time for me because I still had college exams, but the last thing I wanted to was to miss coming out to San Francisco for my post draft experience, press conference, and my first mini-camp.  So I headed out to San Francisco, and when I got back to BC to take my exam, I knew none of the material.  I wrote my professor a long letter of apology, stating something along the lines of “My mind was absolutely on my future and I’m very sorry for not being prepared for this exam, but I never missed one of my classes, and I did well in everything until the final exam.  I went from a B+ to a B-.”  Thanks Professor McLellan!

Boston College was over, and I was on my way to my new career: Professional Football!

I look back on this experience and remember what an exciting and tumultuous time it was for me.  Best of luck for everyone who is in the same boat this week.  Life is a climb and there are a lot of views.  Enjoy each and every one of them.

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2 Responses to “NFL Draft Time”

  1. Mike DLC said:

    Hey Romo– Just Got a Chance to Check Out Your Blog. Wanted to Wish You Tremendous Success with Nutrition 53.. And of course, Good Health and Happiness to You and Your Family.


    Mike DLC
    Hayward, CA

  2. nancy hamel said:

    Thanks so much for the lean 1 system- met you briefly at BC- you dated a friend of mine- Donna- my husband now uses lean one- never would have used it if we hadn’t seen it in a magazine- with your pic and of course endorsed by you- he has lost 8 pounds so far- hoping for about 40 more- best thing is- he feels good about himself and is able to exercise and diet- thanks so much- hope all is going great for you- haven’t heard much from you since your nfl days- life ok? we are overseas in Germany- don’t get enough nfl here! nancy hamel

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