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Morning View From the Nutrition53 Headquarters

Office night reduced

Photo credit to my good friend and photographer Glen Schmelter

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« A Lesson From College Football PracticeA Day of Filming »

5 Responses to “Morning View From the Nutrition53 Headquarters”

  1. Heidi Brodeur said:

    Dear Bill -

    I don’t know if this will get to you, I’m trying to find some viable way to contact you and this is the only opening I’ve found so far. It’s hard for an every day gal to contact someone of your fame. I write to you because I am in the process of getting engaged and planning my wedding and my fiance is the absolute biggest Bill Romanowski fan in the world. He eats, sleeps, breathes his loyalty and admiration for you and the the Oakland Raiders. He’s a great guy who’s had a very hard life and he deserves all good things. I love him with all my heart and I want to do something special for him to commerate my love for him and the start of our life. I will bring him anywhere, anytime if you would do us the honor of meeting him. You have no idea what a fan he is and it would change his life forever getting to meet you. He tells our friends how he wants to take me to the 1st Oakland game of the season this year and set up a marriage proposal, with your help maybe we can up him one even better. All my heart and soul is into finding a way to reach you so I can do this. I will be forever grateful if you or one of your rep’s would contact me. Thank you so much -


  2. Bryan said:

    Dear Bill,
    I hope you recive this message. You are a complete inspiation to me and I one day hope to make it to the NFL. I would love recive an e-mail from the great Romanowski so if you could shoot me an e-mail I would be honord.
    from, Bryan

    p.s. my e-mail is [email protected]

  3. Ethan Hillberry said:

    Dear Mr. Romanowski

    I hope you get this. I read your book and noticed how you had a position battle in San Fransisco during the first years of your career. I play Middle Linebacker on my freshman team and I would love to get advice from the one and only on how to be the starter. I at times can relate to you because I work relentlessly and you are an inspiration to me as Herschel Walker was to you.
    From, Ethan

    My e-mail address is [email protected]

  4. Ryan said:

    im a huge fan. i play fooball i also play linebacker

    can you please send me a signed photo


    6416 pony express trail
    pollock pines,ca 95726

  5. Larry Catlin said:

    Hey Bill. Larry here. I was the guy that asked you about both the maturity issue and the michael vick issue. You said that you would never make that guy happy. Well, you did. I have much more respect and admiration for you than I did a few days ago. I guess what is, or was, is I felt very sorry for you when you did some of those things on the field. For over 50 years I suffered from a very bad temper and did things I still can’t believe I did. I felt you may have suffered from the same crisis as I said to the dj when I called him back, I think you are doing fine, you’re on your way as a better person and your using your posistion in life to help others and give back. Thank you for your honesty and response. Thank you even more for addressing the michael vick issue. Sack michael vick is a website with petitions to correct this mistake. I think you and I both know, we all make mistakes. Thank you again Bill. Happy Holidays to you and yours and your pooch! I hope to shake you hand someday. God Bless You! Lar Cat

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