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Make a Difference Children’s Miracle Network

My beautiful wife, Julie, and me at Jessica Biel’s event for the Children’s Miracle Network and Oakland Children’s Hospital.  We are both looking forward to continued community outreach throughtout 2009.

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« Meeting Up With Elton JohnThere’s Something About the Underdog »

3 Responses to “Make a Difference Children’s Miracle Network”

  1. Kim Heredia said:

    Dear Mr. Romanowski,

    We are a national non-profit organization based in Phoenix, AZ and we work with schools and youth serving organizations to promote the belief that “All Children are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!” Some children we work with recently shared with us their Dream Capsules they received with the brand name Edge on them. When searching the web for the Dream Capsule I came upon the quote from your autobiography about the idea for them and I’m hoping the capsule we were given came from your dream. The idea for this fits directly with our mission and we are interested in ordering this product to share with our partners, which consist of schools and youth serving organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCAs. We are currently established in 11 states and Alberta, Canada. You can visit us at http://www.kidsathope.org.

    I look forward to hearing back from you –


    Kim Heredia
    Treasure Hunter
    Kids at Hope
    toll free 866-275-4673

  2. Sandra Libby said:

    I was at the book store and on a whim bought “ROMO”. The funny thing is, I was probably NOT on your demographics…I am a 45 year old mother of three, work on parks and playgrounds for a living (playgrounds are my passion), like football enough to watch it and know a little,19 years sober in AA… but what attracted me to the book was the persistance and perseverance of the goal. It made me actually think at first that I would like to go hear you speak, then I thought I would rather hear Julie, your wife. To get through what you did, she must have some of the same qualities. Anyway, it has inspired me to look more into nutrition and to keep exercising. It has also made me think about my goals in life again. Thank you! Great book- Keep persuing your dreams.


    P.S. In your book you said you were not sure why you were using this word. I think it feels good to say it. You certainly had a lot of battles in your career and it is calming.

  3. Sandra Libby said:

    Oh and my comment on this interview is that you both fielded the questions well, but she needs to work on her questions. I know it is tough but I have to be honest. Great event, would like to know of more that you go to. The best article I have seen was one on line at ESPN.com that one was done right, May 31,2005 by John Clayton. Glad to see you were on today, I am going to follow how your season predictions do…

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