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Living Dreams

“Mr. Romanowski,

I finished your book about a week ago. I’ve been debating whether I should write this or not but I think you should know how you impact people’s lives.

I have four small children and I find myself accepting that I will never reach all the personal dreams I have set for myself before I started having children. I’ve always wanted to finish my degree and never have had the time or money. After I read your book I felt inspired, inspired to tackle each obstacle in my life, like you have done throughout your life. I felt like I was on the field breaking fingers after I closed your book. I’ve picked up a second job to afford the tuition and I’m enrolling for online classes so I don’t have to be away from my babies. You helped me realize that my dreams are only out of reach if I decide not to reach for them! You never let anything get in your way and while climbing to the top you helped everyone around you be his or her best. That is a rare quality to have and you should be proud of what a giving and talented man you are. Your book is incredible and I have passed it on to my father to read. I’ve recommended it to everyone in the company. Thank you for inspiring me. You have made me a better person through your words!!!!”

-Jamie, Senior Marketing Analyst

Thank you for the very complimentary letter.  I am happy my own experiences could help someone like you so much. Wishing you and your family all the best, Jamie!  I know you can get reach your dream of finishing your degree!

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3 Responses to “Living Dreams”

  1. Starr Kelso said:

    My youngest son is 19. He played Division III last year and played as a freshman. He injured his back when the vehcile he was in was hit by a drunk driver. He won’t be able to play this year or perhaps again. Now, that he is starting to recuperate he is feeling his oats. Today he issued a ‘god’ challenge, like from the movie ‘Troy’, to me during an argument over who/how he was to wake up. I told him that I chose ‘Romo’ as my champion. He said that you were a hasbeen and old. He said that you could not take a shot to the head. Would you please be my champion and clean his clock? In high school I told him that he is going to meet this big dude who would clean his clock…and he says “I am still waiting”. Help!

  2. Marney said:

    Hi Billy,

    Wow. Can’t believe how you’ve changed. Remember Jeanne Doucette and Laure O’Neill? Was surfing through RHS relevant sites and came across this. Sounds like you’re having a great life. Don’t you miss Vernon sometimes?

    Oh. Do you remember Jim Moore? He and I are back together at long last. Pretty cool, huh?

    Marney (Pionzio) Welch

  3. Larry Bainum said:

    My name is larry Bainum I live in clinton TN. My son has been your biggest fan all of his life. I being a Raider fan. He has played football for 11 years. He dreams of being in the NFL and or becoming an athletic trainer. He will be a senior next year. He works hard all year long preping for the next season. He has worn your number for years. two time state champs. His eighth grade year the defence was only scored on 4 times all year. He is currently reading your book in order to complete a school report. This kid thinks the world of you and you have been his insperation. I’m sending this to you because This last week Marty was witness to a bad roll over accident. The truck was spilling gas out on to the road there was a young boy inside of the truck. Marty is a hoss dead liffting over 500 pounds. He jump on top of the truck witch had cought on fire. He was able to rip the door of the truck and get the boy out saveing his life. Marty is the greatist of kids great student and a man of God. It would mean the world to be acknoledged or to hear from you his Hero. He is going to be acknoledged in our local and the knoxville papers for his deeds.

    Thank you for your time
    Larry Bainum

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