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Let’s Talk Football

AFC and NFC Championship Games . . . Wow!  Does football get any better than that?  How exciting to see a team like Phoenix, who has never been to the Super Bowl, or even two-rounds in to the Playoffs, beat the Eagles the way they did.  Hats off to Curt Warner and the team!  Curt Warner raised the level of talent around him to have the guys finally believe that they can win a Super Bowl.  And now they get to play the mighty Stealers in two weeks for the Super Bowl Champs. 

Congratulations Cardinals!  Good luck, and most importantly, don’t forget to believe in yourself and your teammates and you need realize it’s going to take every one of you to give it up for one another to get the job done.

How about the Stealers vs. Raven game?  Like I said in my interviews, I thought it would be one of the hardest hitting football games every played and I think that’s exactly what it was!  Low scoring game . . . defense wins Championships.  Hats off to the Stealers for getting the job done, Ben Roethlisberger for leading his team to Victory and to Mike Tomlin as a second year Head Coach.  Getting his players to believe that they could do something special.  The Stealers are an inspiration, they do it the way football is supposed to be played: hard-hitting, intensity, action packed, leave it all on the field, knock the crap out of people, win in the trenches, dominate the line of scrimmage, kicking ass and taking names . . . the Stealer way.

Look for a Cardinal-Stealer Super Bowl to be an outstanding game.  The key to the game is for the Cardinals to avoid being awed by the Stealer team.  They need to go out there and execute.  The Stealers just have to go out there and do what they’ve done all year long.  At the end of the day, both teams have to realize this is just an Away Game at Tampa Bay . . . not the Super Bowl.  When you focus on the Super Bowl, you focus on something different, something grander, than just an old fashioned football game.  They need to focus on what got them there and that was playing great football.

Good luck to both teams, I look forward to an outstanding football game.

Want my prediction? Cardinals beat the Stealers on the last drive by three points. 

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2 Responses to “Let’s Talk Football”

  1. Erik Hessler #53 said:

    I know Romo! that was the greatest round of Conference Championships I’ve seen in a while. And so proud to see a great player like Kurt Warner go back to the Super Bowl for the poor poor Cardinals (which aren’t so poor anymore). But, can’t count out that stifling Steelers defense that can easily counter anything any offense can throw at it… but the Cardinals are loaded and can overcome the old saying “defense wins championships”
    unless of course Romo is on your team

    If you do respond to these (or read), Romo… I must admit that you were my biggest inspiration to play football when I was 8 years old. I played linebacker my whole life and wore your number after I made my coach but the number 53 for my Junior and Senior seasons when I became the middle linebacker of my Platter Valley Broncos (2007 2A Colorado State Champs)
    Always wanted to meet you… and will do so one day

  2. Ivan said:

    Kurt warner was amazing this past Super Bowl. I was rooting for the Cards, the underdogs. Fitzgerald was also amazing during that 4th quarter. they should have definitly won it though. Still got this year to go to try and get back in it.

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