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Let’s Talk About Michael Vick

I have been asked by a lot of reporters and talk show hosts about Michael Vick.  The subject actually came up about him going to Denver.  There’s been a lot of speculation around a lot of different teams and the risks associated with picking up Vick.  But because I played in Denver, and I love the fans and the community and the owner, there’s a part of me that would actually like to see him bring his athletic abilities there.

Let me first say that I am absolutely a dog lover and I was beyond horrified by what he did.  But to my core, I really believe in second chances.  Nobody is perfect.  Certainly not me or anybody I’ve ever met.  And Michael Vick’s no different.  He was on top of the world, and I’ve been there before, where on some level you think you’re invincible.  I’m living proof that I wasn’t invincible . . . he wasn’t invincible, and neither is anybody else. 

Just look at what happened with Ray Lewis many years ago when he was being charged with murder.  I saw him show up with hand cuffs on hands and ankles, dressed in an orange suit.  He was exonerated from the crime and freed - and he got a second chance. 

I believe that after two years in a state penitentiary, hard core prison, Michael Vick has paid his dues.  His punishment has also been to re-live this incident over and over and over again. 

I’ve never been to prison and I couldn’t imagine what that would be like.  The only prison I’ve been to was in the movies, acting as a guard in “The Longest Yard.” 

Some of you may disagree with me, and I respect your opinions.  Here’s my list of reasons why Michael Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL:

  • 1. Tony Dungy, on of the most respected coaches in the NFL has offered to mentor Vick. That alone speaks volumes to me of Tony Dungy and Michael Vick.
  • 2. Our legal system is not perfect, but I do believe in it and it is the best we have. It’s all we have. They sentenced him, he paid his dues to society on some level, and he is now a free man.
  • 3. In no way should the NFL be able to take on a role of the FDA, IRS, or the CIA. The NFL should stick to the football field and let the law handle the rest.
  • 4. Lastly, to those of you who have ever made a mistake (or maybe there are a couple of you who are absolutely perfect and have never done anything wrong): Let Michael Vick try to rebuild his life, his values, his morals, and most importantly, his integrity.

Good luck Michael.  I hope the Broncos take a shot with you.  I look forward to seeing a touchdown pass, an incredible run, and your incredible athletic ability.  Good luck on getting your life back.



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4 Responses to “Let’s Talk About Michael Vick”

  1. Richard Brian Penn said:

    I totally agree with you. If he’s free from prison on these charges, he should be allowed to play. If anything; he should have the opportunity to pay off his creditors. He’s not going to do that earning $10 an hour.

    My other thought is that he should have gotten more time in prison for what he did, but he served his sentence and should be allowed to play.

  2. Joe Montgomery said:

    I agree with Romo’s statement completely. Everyone makes mistakes, and punishments are given out for mistakes to help you learn and better yourself. How can you better yourself if you are always held back by your last mistake. Also, the NFL is a business, not an elected or structured legislative group. Who are they to say that Mr. Vick has not been punished enough for his mistake? If you follow their logic there should be penalties for minor arrests civil charges and on and on. There is no structure of what the NFL’s punishment is for certain offenses, those punishments vary based on who the offender is and who the commissioner is at the time. I say good luck to Mr. Vick and bravo to Romo for always speaking his mind. You don’t have to agree, but not expressing your opinion in the face of opposition is cowardice.

  3. Steven Rice said:

    Michael Vick would be a great player for the Broncos. I agree with you people do deserve a second chance.

  4. joseph delagrange said:

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