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How to Get the Most Out of Your “Two-a-Days”

As you all know, or some of you may not know, “Two-a-Day’s” or “Daily Double” workouts are truly the most demanding time you can ever put on your body.  With that being said, this is a time when you really have to be smart and have to fuel and take care of yourself better than ever before.  Here are a few tips I’d like to share with you:

  1. 120% on Every Play Until the Whistle Blows - It’s the guys who are standing around a pile that are the ones that get rolled on, or break an ankle, or tear out a knee. The ones who are doing the hitting and giving it everything they have with an intense motor are the ones who are staying healthy, preventing injuries and getting the playing time. Because coaches love guys with high motors out on the field.
  2. Recovery and Feeling Good During Training Camp - Take a cold tub after each practice, ideally 40 degrees. If you can get a contrast in with a warm water tub, that’s even better, but if not just cold. Later in the day, try to find a swimming pool to chill out in for a half an hour. This will act almost like a message and really help you relax and recover.
  3. Fuel the Right Way - Start with a big, healthy breakfast. I recommend oatmeal, plus 3-5 eggs. After your workout, be sure to help your recovery by using a protein supplement, like Lean1. If you can’t do a protein supplement, then get some good protein in meat, eggs, or lean, vegetarian option. Also, be sure to get a lot of high-glycemic carbohydrates in your body during and immediately after your workout. I recommend grape juice. For dinner, be sure to get lean proteins, fiber-rich carbohydrates, and lots of fresh veggies. Take a protein shake right before you go to bed.
  4. Sleep - You have to get enough sleep to make strength gains during and after your Two-a-Days. You need 9-10 hours during this time, so if you have early morning practice, that means you’ve got to get to bed early. If you have trouble falling asleep, use a natural sleep supplement like Sleep1 or ZMA, or a calcium/zinc/magnesium formula to help you relax and repair your muscles while you sleep.
  5. Remember You Are Building a Base for Your Regular Season - There will never be a demand during the regular season like the one you are putting on your body now, but this Two-a -Day is like putting deposits in your bank account. There will come a time in the season when you will need to cash in on this bank account, and it will be there because you have made those demands.
  6. Get in the Weight Room - A lot of kids might avoid the weight room during this time. I think you should spend time in the weight room, lower reps but higher weight. Even if its two reps at a higher weight, so you can keep your strength up during this time. Yes you are tired, we all know you are tired, but this is when champions are made so suck it up.
  7. Supplementation - Never a more important time to supplement with good quality protein, like Lean1 or another good whey isolate proteins. Try to get 2 grams per pound of body weight when you are training this hard. I also recommend creatine, your body needs it and it’s going to help you get stronger. Just make sure you are also supplementing with magnesium, so ideally use a magnesium creatine. Also load up on B-vitamins, like the kind in Neuro1, they are like gasoline for a car. You either have them or you don’t.
  8. Stay Hydrated - This is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself. Fill up a gallon of water in the morning and make sure you drink that by the end of the day.
  9. Invest in Your Team - They say that teams that work hard together, bleed together, hurt together really work together. The blood sweat and the tears in a time like training camp is a time when real tight bonds are created and forged. There is never a more important time than a time like this to bring a team together, to know that the guy next to you has got your back, to know that he’s been through the same thing you’ve been through.
  10. Don’t Ever Tell Your Teammates How You Really Feel - Let the guy next to you know it’s a great day to be alive. How much greater can it be to be playing football with your buddies? Putting a football helmet and your shoulder pads in high school or college are some of the greatest memories you’ll ever have. As soon as you tell your buddy your shoulder is sore, he’s gonna start thinking about how his lower back is sore, and the next guy’s gonna have an injured ankle. Next thing you know, the entire team is wrecked. No pain, no gain, no game. With that said, make it a point to take care of your body and prevent injuries by recovering from your workouts, stretching, and talking to the trainer to stay healthy.

Good luck to all the players out there. Like I’ve said, this is the greatest time of your life. Love it, enjoy it.  Thrive don’t just survive. It’s all a mindset.  If you perceive it as tough and hard, it will be.  If you perceive it as a chance to become great, that’s what it will be.  Make it that and be the best.


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One Response to “How to Get the Most Out of Your “Two-a-Days””

  1. shaun said:

    Bill –
    I’m a 39-year-old ex-linebacker who was fortunate to play as part of the inaugural Great Britain Crusaders under-21 team many years ago. You were an inspiration to me back then (I was a Niners fan), and having just read your latest blog, you’re an inspiration to me still.

    What you’re doing and saying is reflective of the man you are, and the young players of today would do well to hear you out and take your excellent advice.

    Take care, and greetings from the UK,

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