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2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Thomas said:

    Hello Mr. Romanowski,

    I am currently a 10th grade MLB who will be starting varsity next year. We didn’t make the playoffs this year, so we are already working out for next season. I read your book, and I am trying to increase my speed by doing lots of squats, and sprints. I’m only 5′ 11″ - 195 lbs. But I’m hoping by picking up some more speed I can ring a few bells next year.

    Why I am really writing to you is to get the Super Soup recipe you used, and shared while with the Broncos. Our team stays on campus Fridays after school, and the boosters feed us a meal before our game. It would be great if I had the recipe to give to the mom’s, so they could make the soup for our team.

    Thank you very much,

  2. Peggie (the autumn wind) Jenkins said:

    Hi Bill! Im a fan of you, looked for you most sudays.I read your book, and I was suprised with your honesety. with the concussions and your other injuries. You are a rare bird to admit what happened on and off the field in your life.
    And I am pretty sure you wont get this email. It would mean a lot to me if I could get a signed photo of you. I wont put it up on ebay…..I want to keep it for myself. next to my other favs like Tim Brown, Gayle Sayers, Merlin Olsen.
    if not, i still enjoyed your book. ty for steamrolling quarterbacks, you rock!
    Peggie Jenkins
    7675 Clay Ave
    Huntington Beach, ca 92648

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