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Go Rockville High!

This is where it all started!  Gotta watch the Friday night game of my high school alma mater!

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2 Responses to “Go Rockville High!”

  1. Lisa McKillop said:

    Mr Romanowski,
    My husband Michael played HS Football with you at RHAM. We are currently living in Ellington and Michael is actively involved with our son Seans football team. We are extremely excited that his team has done so well this year. Can you help out by forwarding this link because it would be great to have the coverage for our hometown team.



    Thank you
    Lisa McKillop

  2. Mike McKillop said:

    Hello Bill, Nice to see that you got back to Connecticut to see your mom and I hope a RHS game. I do not know if you remember me I played ball with you at RHS, #66. I know you have helped out the Rams Program in the past, that is the reason for me contacting you. My son Sean just finished up his season with the Ellington Roadrunners Youth Football (12-0). They just won the Northern Connecticut Football League championship.


    Well next year it is off to Ellington High. That is the problem, the program at the High school has some tough funding problems. The Board of Ed has pull all founding to the football program. Now the Booster Club is scrambling so we can still have a team next year. As of last year the pay to play is $500 each player. I know it is not Rockville, but after my son read your book and saw that worked on the farms in Ellington, he asked if I thought you could help the team. I said all you can do is ask. So I am asking for your help. Here is a link to the Boosters Web page with more info about the situation.




    Mike McKillop

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