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Exciting Times for Nutrition53

Today I was in Phoenix Arizona to launch with our new retail partners, Hi Health.  I went in not knowing exactly what I was I for.  I had heard good things about Hi Health and had discussions with them over the past couple years but the relationship didn’t materialize until today.  I gave a motivational talk in front of all their store managers.  Wow.  It was enlightening for me to see how professional this organization is run.  My main contact, Jay, was amazing. 

I’m very encouraged and excited about the people in Phoenix being able to have access to all the Nutrition53 products.  Hi Health really serves the people of Phoenix with over 60 locations.  I went into one store to see the lay of the land and I was so impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of their employees, the layout and look and feel of the store.  It is truly the perfect location for Nutrition53 products.  Get ready Phoenix to live like you mean it!  Thank you Hi Health, Team53 looks forward to a long lasting, great relationship with a phenomal partner like you.

Also, I wanted to thank you guys for some really inspirational comments on here lately.  I’m sorry if my response has been less than timely, I look forward to answering some questions here on the blog.  Until then, keep training hard!


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5 Responses to “Exciting Times for Nutrition53”

  1. Damon Pettit said:

    Wow, I cant believe you were here and I missed you! By far one of my favorite people out there. I love your product, and 3 weeks ago I went into a high health and saw Nuytrition53! I was shocked and excited, I had been off the grid for a while and am really enjoying my workouts, good nutrition and now Your Nutrition53, Lean and Neuro1. It does make it easy to be able to go there and grab a canister when I run out.
    Take care Bill, I am following you on facebook and twitter, fun this little electronic world.

  2. Miles said:

    You are by far my favorite athlete of all time, favorite linebacker and as an (Current) collegiate linebacker I have tried to model my game after you since high school, i just recently read your book and it has inspired me to become even better.

  3. favorite athlete said:


  4. Ian Passarelli said:

    Hey, my name is Ian Passarelli. I’m an eighth grade student working on a project for my school. My teacher told me he heard you talking about this procedure you suggested Tiger Woods do, where they use a machine to seperate out platelets to inject into his knee and help heal if it isn’t healing faster. My project is on the machine itself. Do you have any information about the procedure or machine?? Thank you for your time, Ian

  5. Ian Passarelli said:

    oh yeah, and if you would like to email me some of the info instead, [email protected] is my email adress…. thank you, Ian

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