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Dirty Secrets From the Supplement Industry- Label Claims Don’t Lie, They Just Don’t Tell the Truth

The truth hurts, but so does throwing away your money.  So take a minute to read my inside scoop, where I reveal the biggest, darkest, dirtiest secrets of the supplement industry.  You will learn what actually goes on in the industry, what to believe, what not to believe, and how to find the right supplements for you. 

For today, let’s start with secret #1 - Label Claims Don’t Lie, They Just Don’t Tell The Truth

Statements on a label might be kind of, sort of, maybe, possibly true.  But often copywriters and formulators twist, turn, chop, and change research supported data into some sort of marketing truth.  They do this to help distinguish their product from the competitors and to break into new potential markets.  

In the world of scientific research, variables are controlled to the minutest details.  A hunch is just an idea until it is tested.  Once an idea is being researched, it becomes a hypothesis.  If there is research to support this hypothesis, it becomes a theory.  It remains a theory until it is either widely accepted as a fact of science or is proven to be untrue.  This is a slow and delicate process of filtering through fact and fiction. 

The world of supplements works in just the opposite.  A hunch jumps straight to a claim, the way Carl Lewis did the long jump.  If there is scientific research to support a particular supplement fad, all details are cast aside, figures are taken out of proportion, and weak scientific conclusions are strengthened by the excitement of a new breakthrough in the supplement world.  In other words, the scientific research is butchered by an overzealous supplement industry looking for the next big thing. 

As a result, supplement labels are plastered with overly confident claims that make it difficult to decipher what is actually research supported and what is not.  Even if these claims site specific studies on the label, it is still challenging for your Average Joe or Jane to conclude if scientific truth backs the claims and if the product is worthy of investment.  Be wary of overly confident claims that refer to research in a very general and vague manner and contact the supplement manufacturer if you are confused with a label claim. 

Man, I sure am glad I dove in head first and Nutrition53 actually makes supplements that work.  I can’t wait to share the next secret with you tomorro!

Thanks for reading.  As Jack Nicholson said, “You can’t handle the truth.”  Or maybe you can?  Just stick with Nutrition53. 



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