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Coaching for the Denver Broncos?

As many of you know, recently there has been a turn over of Head Coach at the Denver Broncos. 

I have a deep appreciation for the Denver Broncos Organization, and after talking with my good friend Pat Bowlen, the owner of the Organization, my mind became overwhelmed with a new game plan to help the Denver Broncos build a new football dynasty.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed the excitement, mental exercise, and possibilities involved in this project.  Just thinking about the way I used to train and approach recovery, and also about the innovations I would like to see in the NFL.  Just dreaming about the perfect performance center in an NFL team, the function, and the possibilities of being the Head Coach of the Denver Broncos was exciting.

With a great support and the right Offensive and Defensive Coordinators, there is no doubt in my mind I could motivate and empower the staff and team.  I just feel in my heart that the energy in Denver would be electric and I could help make the Denver Broncos unstoppable. 

It’s quite a fantasy, on one level, because I really love what I do at Nutrition53.  I love being in the health and fitness industry, I love my employees, and I love the challenge each and every day of working to become a top CEO.  But being the dreamer that I have always been, I guess I will have to settle with the fact that I have two passions in business.  Those being how I made a living in football for 16 years, and nutrition/performance.  I get to live a blessed life and I am very thankful every day.  And I couldn’t do it without my great family; my wife that supports me, and our two gifts from God, our kids Dalton and Alexandra.  I know I may drive them crazy at times. 

After all the hype, being on the AP wire, and having a long talk with Mr. Bowlen, I have presented him with 30 pages outlining my visions of building a football dynasty.  You never know.  Realistically, I’m probably not the typical head coach candidate for him, but maybe a strong candidate as a performance coordinator.  With someone as innovative and as ”out-of-the-box” type of a thinker as Mr. Bowlen, I won’t rule out the possibilities.  He’s the type of guy who did Ironmans in the 80’s, before Triathlon was popular.  He’s the kind of guy that would potentially implement a type of program such as the one I suggested.

As it sits, it would just be icing on the cake because I am so happy here at Nutrition53 with my family and employees out in California.  But I would welcome the opportunity and feel great excitement at the possibilities of dreams becoming realities while coaching in the NFL.

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10 Responses to “Coaching for the Denver Broncos?”

  1. Damon said:

    Please! Please! Hire Romo! I as well know it is probably out there, but I also have followed you now for quite some time, you became my favorite player on the Broncos even though you did not play your entire career there. I have never and I mean NEVER seen anyone with the drive to succeed as you have. I miss the energy the Broncos had in those years you were there, with Elway, McCaffery, Alfred Williams, TD, oh man, after waiting 30 years I finally was able to see my team become the Best in the world! It is time to get back there and I have no doubt if you Mr. Romanowski was involved things would turn and just explode into Winning!
    I hope to see something come of this….if for some reason it does not happen, well you have given me something fun to think about.
    Love your products and your blogs, take care!
    Hmmm, I see the button says submit comment..It looks like I went beyond comment…oops and here I go again. Sorry. :)

  2. Austin said:

    I am a huge fan of yours, I’ve read your book 3 times and it has really helped me with my work ethic. I know that you didn’t get the Denver Broncos job, but to be a head coach you must work your way up. I know that the San Diego Chargers are currently in need of a Linebacker coach. You live in So Cal so it seems like a better fit. You will also be able to work with some of the leagues top backers. And if you can do a good enough job with them, I’m sure there will be plenty of other coaching oppertunities next year. Please, at least consider it. I’m sure there is plenty you can teach that LB core in San Diego.

  3. Sam said:

    How about joining the coaching staff for the Dallas Cowboys in some form or fashion? Jerry Jones definately needs a defensive minded coach. Underachieving big time over here and its got to stop.

    Also, I think it is a win/ win situation with your health business Nutrition53. You are contributing in helping people become healthy and it’s also a good business. Its a lot better to be preventative in the long run so that you can prevent having to pay a lot on expensive prescription medications later in life due to years of nutritional neglect. I think it saves people a lot of money to buy your product now rather than what they would have to pay on prescriptions.

  4. Winston said:

    Any chance you will post the PowerPoint presentation you sent to Denver?

  5. Dr. Dave said:


    After hearing you on the Herd this morning I felt sorry for the community that judges athletes and how much punishment their bodies take. I am sports physician treating mostly UFC fighters, MLB and lower level football players. I have seen the punishment that athletes take. I have played college level football and I know personally how much a player can be affected for the rest of their life.

    As a physician with an open mind, I preach alot about what you are talking about. Blood infusion, hyperbarac, supplementation as well as diverse nutrition and good exercise. I not only teach this to my athletes, but to my regular patients… I call them “occupational athletes..You are unique and that’s the difference. Not too many of your peers have concentrated on health like you have. They probably think its all natural and that they have made it to the big time so they don’t really need to worry about their health..

    Cowherd is like many mal-informed media personnel. Anabolic, meaning tissue building is way different than HGH. HGH to me is not an enhancer. Its purely helps repair..whats wrong with that? The technology is way better today with supplementation and what we can use legally to help ourselves heal.

    You know Pat Bowlen better than I do, but don’t you think he’s going to ask questions to his medical/training staff? It seems to me that you need to also convince the medical/training staff about whats available in health care or what I call “pre-care”. Not everyone is convinced of chamber treatment and Acupuncture is not for everyone either. Im a Sports Chiropractor in Los Angeles and I am tight with my medical community and surgeons but the general consensus can be different.

    My experience with the medical staffs of professional teams is that they feel violated or as if the way they do things is being questioned. Some team docs are more open and willing to give new things a chance.

    A big problem in the public today is that they aren’t educated enough of newer ways of thinking and newer treatments… It would be nice if the “public had access to a facility that offered what you and I area talking about”. If you ever want to talk, feel free to drop me an email. I have so many ideas that you may be interested in. Its great that you are trying to get the word out. I have a great book idea as well….

    Im interested in what your company has to offer. I’d like to try them and maybe carry the line in my facility.

    Dr. Dave

  6. john l said:

    hey im a huge Mike Shanahan fan, but when i read you tryed to get the head coaching job it made me happy, just knowing a great player with the spunk that the team needs would love to have that job. i belive they made the wrong choice, they need a smart coach who isnt afraid to play a little dirty when needed.
    i think you could have taken the broncos to hights the team never thought they could go.
    well maybe some time soon ill see you on the sidelines with a headset :)

    long live # 53

  7. Erik Hessler #53 said:

    I would love to see you as the nutrition coach of the team as you can help build our talented team into Romo-like durable players to build a dynasty. Hopefully McKid gives you that chance

  8. Adam Gibbs said:

    Dear Bill,

    The Cleveland Browns need an identity on defense. I believe you are the perfect person to be the LB coach. There is an opening, you should definitely let Eric Mangini know if you are interested.

    Thanks on behalf of the fans of the Cleveland Browns,


  9. Throwbacks said:

    I’m an avid football fan so I found this post to be really interesting. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to post ! I’ll be adding your site to my newsreader and letting my users know about your site as well.

  10. Yemi Ogunbase said:

    Mr. Romanowski:

    I just finished your book and liked that it was a very personal, intimate, information filled read.

    I’m posting a comment to this particular post of yours because I know you’d have been a great Broncos coach. Your passion is one thing that stands out. But another thing that came clear while reading your book is that if there is information you don’t know, you find someone who does. I have no doubt that while you haven’t coached in the NFL before, that you’d have surrounded yourself with the best possible coaching staff, as well as training and performance staff. I think with you at the helm, the Broncos would have improved almost immediately.

    I wish you the best in your future endeavours. If you’re ever in Austin, shoot me an email. I’d like to spend even just 30 minutes picking your brain and having a conversation.

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