Dirty Secrets of the Supplement Industry #2 - Tasty Supplements

Everyone loves a delicious treat - especially if it is good for you!  In the supplement industry, certain products attain hugely successful sales figures through superior taste, not superior quality.  The relationship between taste and successful sales of supplements leads to several unfortunate tendencies. 
      First, formulators are more preoccupied with the taste of a product […]

Dirty Secrets From the Supplement Industry- Label Claims Don’t Lie, They Just Don’t Tell the Truth

The truth hurts, but so does throwing away your money.  So take a minute to read my inside scoop, where I reveal the biggest, darkest, dirtiest secrets of the supplement industry.  You will learn what actually goes on in the industry, what to believe, what not to believe, and how to find the right supplements for […]

Our Gift to You!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Get Lean For the Summer!

I know this is a little late, but the summer’s not over yet!
Nutrition53 is giving you an awesome deal on Lean1, Nutrition53’s Healthy Performance Shake, this summer with our “Get Lean For the Summer” offer.  Get two tubs of Lean1 plus a month’s supply of Sleep1, The Ultimate Sleep Performance Formula, for $69.97!  Plus another free […]

Stand Up Paddle

Five years ago, I learned how to do something called “Stand Up Paddle Surfing” with surfing’s greatest, Laird Hamilton.  At the time, I was working on “Longest Yard” with Adam Sandler.  I would literally get off from the movie set in LA, then hustle down to Malibu just to get an hour in on the water.  […]

Romo’s Guide for Beginning Meditation

The other day I wrote about how meditation has helped me feel more balanced in my life.  I think it can help many others too, even if you don’t think it’s the type of thing for you.  Here is my guide for beginners who want to give meditation a try:
1. Find a Quiet Place - […]

A Trip to BodyBuilding.com

Just got back from a long weekend in Boise, Idaho at the BodyBuilding.com convention.  What an event!  Tons of people, tons of products, and even a “Mr. Puny-verse” contest for the skinny guys - gotta hit the gym!
Two of our awesome Nutrition53 reps, Lisa and Erika, were at the show with me and they got to […]

You Can’t Overestimate the Importance of Sleep

From USA Today Monday, March 3, 2008, Stephanie Armour:
Lack of sleep catches up with today’s workforce
U.S. workers are silently suffering from a dramatic lack of sleep, costing companies billions of dollars in lost productivity, says a study out Monday.
Nearly three in 10 workers have become very sleepy, or even fallen asleep, at work in the […]