Make a Difference Children’s Miracle Network

My beautiful wife, Julie, and me at Jessica Biel’s event for the Children’s Miracle Network and Oakland Children’s Hospital.  We are both looking forward to continued community outreach throughtout 2009.

Who Is This Dave Matthews Guy?

My good friend Tracie Bennett is a photographer for Dave Matthews.  Tracie let me know that Dave Matthews would be playing at the outdoor Greek Theater in Berkeley.  He talked to his assistant Brett and they managed to hook me up with back stage tickets to the show. 
For me personally, I did not know much about […]

A Hawaii Workout

After a very busy summer in the offices and a whirlwind of media, I have been lucky to spend a few days on in Hawaii with my family.  The rest and relaxation has been very rejuvenating, but I have also had time to see some special Hawaii sites, surf, and get in some training.

Yesterday, Julie […]

Filming on Harvey Milk movie with Sean Penn in San Francisco

Romo, Sean Penn, and Julie Romanowski in the set trailer while filming in San Francisco recently.