One of My Fav’s

Hi, someone shared this quotation with me a few years ago and it really resonated with me, and reminds me of the importance of teamwork.  So I wanted to share it with you all here:
“Never underestimate the ability of a small group of committed individuals to change the world. Indeed, they are the only ones […]

High School Football Q & A

Recently I received this comment full of questions from a young player:
“Hello Mr. Romanowski,
I was wondering if you could help me improve my workout and answer a few questions. Firstly, I try to get to the gym at least 3 times a week but was wondering if you could help me or give me some guidance. Mainly […]

On Winning Super Bowls

Recently a reporter in an interview asked me this question: “In what ways did winning the Super Bowl improve your life?”
I wanted to share my answer with you. Here is how winning a Super Bowl changed my life:
As a child I spent many hours dreaming of becoming a professional football player and playing in the […]

Let’s Talk Football

AFC and NFC Championship Games . . . Wow!  Does football get any better than that?  How exciting to see a team like Phoenix, who has never been to the Super Bowl, or even two-rounds in to the Playoffs, beat the Eagles the way they did.  Hats off to Curt Warner and the team!  Curt […]

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

The Basics of Weight Lifting

I have mentioned the importance of hard work tons of times in my book (click here for a free copy) and on this site.  And for me, I know much of my success was due to hard work in the weight room.  It’s something that I recommended in my previous post and weight training can make the […]

Living Dreams

“Mr. Romanowski,
I finished your book about a week ago. I’ve been debating whether I should write this or not but I think you should know how you impact people’s lives.
I have four small children and I find myself accepting that I will never reach all the personal dreams I have set for myself before I […]

Question From a Young Athlete

“Dear Romo, I hope that this message finds you.  First, I am a huge fan who has nothing but respect for you.  I read your book and loved it.  I am captain of the wrestling team at my high school, wrestling is an extremely strenuous sport and I was hoping you could give me some […]

An AFC Championship Story

Romo here.  I want to tell you about a time in my football career when I had to stretch myself far beyond my limits to reach my own personal goals and the goals of a Denver Bronco.  It’s a story about looking within and then going the extra step to make your goals happen.
In an […]