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On Winning Super Bowls

Recently a reporter in an interview asked me this question: “In what ways did winning the Super Bowl improve your life?”
I wanted to share my answer with you. Here is how winning a Super Bowl changed my life:
As a child I spent many hours dreaming of becoming a professional football player and playing in the […]

Let’s Talk Football

AFC and NFC Championship Games . . . Wow!  Does football get any better than that?  How exciting to see a team like Phoenix, who has never been to the Super Bowl, or even two-rounds in to the Playoffs, beat the Eagles the way they did.  Hats off to Curt Warner and the team!  Curt […]

Coaching for the Denver Broncos?

As many of you know, recently there has been a turn over of Head Coach at the Denver Broncos. 
I have a deep appreciation for the Denver Broncos Organization, and after talking with my good friend Pat Bowlen, the owner of the Organization, my mind became overwhelmed with a new game plan to help the Denver […]

Positive Drug Tests in the NFL

I am disheartened to hear a bunch of NFL guys have tested positive for water pills.  First of all, if they are taking them to lose weight, there is not a dumber way to lose weight than to drain your body of its most precious element - water.  There is nothing that will hurt athletic performance like being […]

Football and Cupcakes Don’t Mix

I recently started coaching freshman football for Piedmont High School this year.  My son is on the team and I have coached a lot of these kids in flag football for the last two years, but I didn’t really know what to expect from them now that they have full pads on. 
We started with 28 […]

Summer Training - It’s Crunch Time

It’s been a month now since we started our basic summer training for developing football players.  If you are playing ball this fall, I hope you have been following my training advice and incorporating your own workouts as well. 
We have about a month until the high school and college seasons start, which means its really […]

Brett Favre’s Comeback

Recently I have been answering a lot of questions in the media regarding Brett Favre’s return to the NFL.  The question at hand: is he tarnishing his legacy by attempting to return to the NFL?  Is he a distraction to his teammates and the Green Bay Packers organization?  Or should he return to play and re-establish himself as one of the […]

A Letter

The other day I was lucky enough to receive this letter in the mail:

The letter was accompanied by this game card from 1992:

With email, blogs, Facebook, and text messages, it’s personal to receive a handwritten note every once in a while.  So thank you Howie for this letter.
Also, this game card gave me a good reminder […]

The Basics of Weight Lifting

I have mentioned the importance of hard work tons of times in my book (click here for a free copy) and on this site.  And for me, I know much of my success was due to hard work in the weight room.  It’s something that I recommended in my previous post and weight training can make the […]

On The Air

I frequently visit radio stations to check in, talk football, and spend some time on the air.  It’s fun, there’s nothing like getting the chance to talk to and with thousands of listeners.  Yesterday I got a chance to be on the San Francisco based radio show Fernando and Greg, on Energy 92.7 FM for […]

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