Tough Times

With the current state of our economy, it’s obvious alot of people are falling on tough times.  I am an athlete, not an economist, but it’s clear to me that many of these problem came about because people entered agreements they could not honor, for a variety of reasons.
I have a very good friend who runs one […]

Summer Training - It’s Crunch Time

It’s been a month now since we started our basic summer training for developing football players.  If you are playing ball this fall, I hope you have been following my training advice and incorporating your own workouts as well. 
We have about a month until the high school and college seasons start, which means its really […]

The Basics of Weight Lifting

I have mentioned the importance of hard work tons of times in my book (click here for a free copy) and on this site.  And for me, I know much of my success was due to hard work in the weight room.  It’s something that I recommended in my previous post and weight training can make the […]

Living Dreams

“Mr. Romanowski,
I finished your book about a week ago. I’ve been debating whether I should write this or not but I think you should know how you impact people’s lives.
I have four small children and I find myself accepting that I will never reach all the personal dreams I have set for myself before I […]

Question From a Young Athlete

“Dear Romo, I hope that this message finds you.  First, I am a huge fan who has nothing but respect for you.  I read your book and loved it.  I am captain of the wrestling team at my high school, wrestling is an extremely strenuous sport and I was hoping you could give me some […]


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle
I can’t tell you how true this quotation is for me, both when I was playing football and even in my life now. For any young athletes striving to make an impact in their sport, I recommend living by these words […]