Super Bowl XLIV Predicitions: Underdog Upset

Watch for Fast Releases from the Indianapolis Colts’ Cool-Headed Peyton Manning and an Arsenal of Attacks from the New Orleans Saints’ Multi-Talented Offense.
In the Super Bowl, it always comes down to how well your quarterback plays under pressure.  Super Bowl XLIV will prove to be no exception, as evenly matched quarterbacks — Payton Manning and […]

Let’s Talk About Michael Vick

I have been asked by a lot of reporters and talk show hosts about Michael Vick.  The subject actually came up about him going to Denver.  There’s been a lot of speculation around a lot of different teams and the risks associated with picking up Vick.  But because I played in Denver, and I love […]

Coaching for the Denver Broncos?

As many of you know, recently there has been a turn over of Head Coach at the Denver Broncos. 
I have a deep appreciation for the Denver Broncos Organization, and after talking with my good friend Pat Bowlen, the owner of the Organization, my mind became overwhelmed with a new game plan to help the Denver […]

An AFC Championship Story

Romo here.  I want to tell you about a time in my football career when I had to stretch myself far beyond my limits to reach my own personal goals and the goals of a Denver Bronco.  It’s a story about looking within and then going the extra step to make your goals happen.
In an […]