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Brett Favre’s Comeback

Recently I have been answering a lot of questions in the media regarding Brett Favre’s return to the NFL.  The question at hand: is he tarnishing his legacy by attempting to return to the NFL?  Is he a distraction to his teammates and the Green Bay Packers organization?  Or should he return to play and re-establish himself as one of the most inspirational Quarter Backs of recent times?

My response is this: Brett Favre should ABSOLUTELY keep playing football. 

As for as any issues between Favre and Green Bay’s new young gun, Aaron Rodgers, I suggest that Green Bay let the two compete for the starting Quarter Back position.  At this point, it’s pretty hard to say that Brett Farve is going to be holding a clipboard on the sidelines for the Packers when Favre took them to the NFC Championship game the year before.  They were beat by the Giants, who went on to win the Super Bowl XLII.

Favre absolutely ought to return.  He ought to play until he can’t take the field anymore.  Brett Favre plays the game of football like a Line Backer.  He is an inspiration to not only the Quarter Back position, but to the entire NFL and to anyone who is passionate and loves what they do.  I wish Brett Farve the best of luck in his decision, and if the Green Bay Packers in anyway make a bad decision and let him go somewhere else, good luck to them because Brett is the type of player that will come back to haunt you. 

I hope that gives you a little insight into how I see the situation.

Brett Favre was one of my first sacks when I got to the Eagles.  He is one tough player and he doens’t let stuff get to his head. The harder I’d hit him, the faster he would get up and tell me to hit him harder next time.  You couldn’t affect him with mental games, and that makes him a great player - he never loses his cool.  It was always a great challenge to play against a guy like him.  You always knew the Green Bay Packers would be in the position to win the game with him in Quarter Back.  The game with him was inspirational, challenging, and really what playing in the NFL was all about.  I wish him all the best in his return.

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3 Responses to “Brett Favre’s Comeback”

  1. Elmer Jacobsen said:

    I believe brett should stay in green bay as a backup only. He doesn’t deserve the right to start, he retired and should either stay retired or be a backup to rogers. He should not be let go, he has a contract with green bay still. He is big baby right now, and he should sleep in the bed he made for himself….And his fans should get over it..And relieze he retired, and don’t desever to start..and that’s the bottom line

  2. Max said:

    No way Elmer, I think Green Bay owes it to their fans to build the best team they can, whcih means letting Favre come back to play, and maybe even be the starter. I agree with Romo, they shoudl compete for the position but I think Favre will probably be the best they’ve got.

  3. Tommy Lewis said:

    If I was the Packers I’m pretty sure I’d bring Farve back. Let him go through practice, meetings, workouts, ext. I really think his “ich” is that same feeling every player get around this time, that “it’s time to play football…it’s time to unload on someone” feeling. But I also believe that, if he was tired of playing in January or February, he’ll realize he doesn’t want to play…if that’s the case. What does it hurt to bring him out?
    Also, very few stars nowadays play for only one team their entire career (I know he got drafted by the Falcons…you know what I mean), and while I’d be happy to see him play anywhere (Lord, please make him a Texan, so I can finally cheer for my hometown team instead of the Cowboys), I think it leaves a brighter spot in the NFL if he stayed a Packer. But I’m not a professional athlete, who knows what’s being said and done off camera.

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