About Romo

After 16 years in the NFL and 4 Super Bowl Championships, Bill Romanowski, the founder, President and CEO of Nutrition53 Inc., has dedicated his post football career to helping you achieve Optimal Life Performance. Optimal Life Performance is about you looking better, feeling better and sleeping better so you can live your best life.

Romanowski’s passion for athletics and performance started at a young age of 14, when he was inspired by an article on strength and fitness from NFL legend, Running Back Herschel Walker.  Walker’s article outlined a simple but rigorous routine of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and nutrition of fresh fruits, lots of vegetables, and lean proteins.  As one of five children in a family of modest income and a determination to seek higher education, Romanowski set his goals on earning a college scholarship through academics or athletics.  Romanowski followed Walker’s guidelines religiously through high school with his site set firmly on his goals.  His hard work, passion, and dedication were rewarded with numerous high-school accolades and eventually an athletic scholarship to Boston College. 

His work-ethic continued, and his coach at Boston College described him as “Possibly the best kid (he) ever had.”  While at Boston College, he helped the team win the 1985 Cotton Bowl as the Defensive MVP and he was later selected as the third finalist for the Dick Butkus Award for outstanding linebackers in college football.  He graduated with Academic Honors and a degree in Business Management.

After graduation, Romanowski was drafted to the San Francisco 49ers where he teamed up with the likes of NFL legends Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and Roger Craig.  The team won back-to-back Super Championships in 1989 and 90.  Romanowski became one of only three players in NFL history to win back to back Super Bowls with two different organizations when he again won Super Bowl Championships in 1998 and 99 with the Denver Broncos.  In his final Super Bowl trip in 2003 with the Oakland Raiders, he became the only Linebacker in NFL history to start in 5 Super Bowls Games.  He retired from Football in 2003 after 16 years in the NFL, 5 Super Bowl Games, 4 Super Bowl Championships, 2 Pro Bowl Selections, and an NFL record of 243 consecutive games. 

Romanowski attributes his success and longevity in the NFL to his rigorous training, pristine nutrition, and the support of his family, especially his wife Julie.  In his quest to help others achieve Optimal Life Performance, Romanowski and Nutrition53 teamed up with the top doctors, scientists and nutritionists in the world to deliver the highest quality, functional nutritional supplements that perform for you. Whether you’re an athlete, business person, busy mom, student or senior, Nutrition53’s commitment and promise is to help guide you every step of the way to your goals.

Please enjoy the material presented in Bill’s blog and may it be a positive influence in your life.