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A Lesson From College Football Practice

Romo here.  Today I am going to tell you something very important I learned during my first college football practice.  It’s a lesson about keeping your head up, and your eyes on the goal.  I learned that early in my football career, on a day when I was scared and intimated, yet determined to success.

It was 1984, I was 18 years old, and it was my first practice at Boston College.  Butterflies in my stomach, the unknown, me against the world, me against giants, being scared, but knowing I gotta go anyways to accomplish my goals. 

I had to prove to myself as well as to Boston College that they made the right decision in giving me the scholarship I had dreamed of as a kid.  When I took the field, the first drill we did is what’s called an “Oklahoma Drill.”  Imagine me at 220 lbs against 280-lb guard Steve Trapillo.  I took him on.  I shedded the block and put my head down into running back Ken Bell with full force.  Coach Jack McNell ran over to me, yelling in my face, saying, “Good job kid - but if you don’t keep your head up you are going to break your neck.”

Sometimes they seem like giants, sometimes it’s overwhelming, sometimes it’s scary, but it’s being scared and doing it anyway that makes things happen.  That’s what make you overcome obstacles.  Being who and what you are to the best of your abilities and going for it at full force.  And to be at full force, you have got to take care of yourself.  You have to take care of your nutrition, your focus, your body, and your fitness.

I am not an 18-year-old college freshman now, and while I still make mistakes, they aren’t the same as the ones then.  I still go after my goals with tenacity, but with a little more smarts.  I want you to go after your goals with the same tenacity as I did in football.  And when you are going after your goals, never put your head down.  Because you’ve got to know where you are going.  You’ve got to be ables to see up the field.  Never put your head down, no matter how scared you are - it’s the only way you can keep your eyes on your goal.

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« Romo Wasn’t Built in a DayMorning View From the Nutrition53 Headquarters »

2 Responses to “A Lesson From College Football Practice”

  1. BC Fan said:

    All hail Romo! See ya at Reunion!

  2. football helmet decals said:

    Those are some pretty good tips Romo. I will have to keep those in mind we playing football with fam this thanksgiving coming up.

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