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A Hawaii Workout

After a very busy summer in the offices and a whirlwind of media, I have been lucky to spend a few days on in Hawaii with my family.  The rest and relaxation has been very rejuvenating, but I have also had time to see some special Hawaii sites, surf, and get in some training.

Yesterday, Julie and I hiked the Koko Head Stairs, along the side of the Koko Crater.  The Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanoes erupting from the sea floor.  Consequently, the islands have impressive geological features and high peaks, such as Koko Head, just west of Honolulu. 

1200 steps later, we reached the very top.  A tough workout, but the view of O’ahu and Hanauma Bay was well worth every step. 

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4 Responses to “A Hawaii Workout”

  1. Matt Borowski said:


    Thanks for giving my uncle Felix and grandmother Stella Borowski superbowl tickets when you sacked boomer!

    Matt Borowski and the Borowski Family
    (P.S. My dad is your cousin!)

  2. Barbie said:

    Hey there just want to tell ya LOVE the site and tell Billy, Jim O’Reilly say HI and wants to know if he wants to play a game of football, loser pays for the keg, just like old time LOL Vernon Ct

  3. Emma said:

    I love your site. I just came back from hawaii and loved every minute of it…i cant wait to go back out there!

  4. Workout Routines said:

    Nice post, hawaii is so beautiful isnt it?

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