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A Day of Filming


Henry, Sean Penn, and Dalton on the set of the Harvey Milk film, starring Penn.

I met Sean Penn about four years ago when I was doing a movie in New Orleans called “Shooting Gallery.”  Saw him sitting at the bar at my hotel and I decided to introduce myself because I had always been a fan.  Sean doesn’t know much about football but he had heard my name and watched some games.

We just kind of talked and connected when we met.  He invited me out that night with him, and although I had a dinner meeting with someone, we ended up meeting up for dessert.  Around 11 o’clock, we connected and we stayed up until about 5 am in the morning, just talking about life - real stuff.  A very intense person and I realized that he was a very loyal friend to the people he cares about.  That was one of the reasons I was drawn to him as a friend.

We stayed in touch over the last four years and I got a call from his assistant about a month and a half ago that he was filming the Harvey Milk movie in San Francisco and he would like me to come by the set.  Somehow schedules got crossed and by the time I planned to stop by the set, it ended up being the last day of filming.  To see Sean in his trade and the intensity and the realness he brings to the part - I think the film is just going to blow people away.

My son Dalton and his friend Henry are really into film; they both are taking a film class at their high school and just love it.  Julie and I brought Dalton and Henry by the set and we had a chance to make a “once in a lifetime” experience for those two boys.  Sean couldn’t have been more gracious and respectful, introducing us to all the different cast members and AD’s.  There were a lot of football fans - 49ers, Raiders fans, Bronco’s fans.  In general, it was just a really memorable day for me and my family.

For Julie and me, one of the best things about the day was being able to take our son and his friend and make a memory that will last through their lifetimes.  One thing I know as a parent is that you have to take advtantage of every chance you get to build those memories with your children. 

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« Morning View From the Nutrition53 HeadquartersFilming on Harvey Milk movie with Sean Penn in San Francisco »

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  1. Steve Cameron said:

    Hi Romo,This is Steve Cameron and I wanted to talk to you about playing in a charity golf tournament. E-mail me back and we can talk. Thanks, Steve

  2. Gail Elberson said:

    Hi Billy - Just ran across this site. Fun to see you and Julie and the kids. My gosh they’ve gotten soooo big! Alexandra looks just like a little Julie. So adorable. By the way Jason is engaged - Evan still playing the field….

    Take care, Gail and Jeff E.

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