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Meeting Up With Elton John

This weekend Julie and I went to a great event with a few friends of mine, Roger and Diana Jenkins.  It was the launch of Diana’s new coffee table book, Room 23, as well as an informal pre-launch to NeuroBrands, a beverage company which I partnered with Diana to help formulate some really incredible functional beverages.  They will be hitting the market in the next couple weeks. ©Jeff Vespa/WireImage.com

The who’s who of Hollywood and entertainment were at the party, but there was someone in partucular that I was excited to meet.  For any of you who have read my book, you may realize that Elton John’s song “Tiny Dancer” played a big impact in my career.  When I was a freshman at BC and my coach knocked on my door to tell me I made the starting team, I was filled with emotion and I jumped up to turn on some music from the radio.  The song playing at that moment was Tiny Dancer.  From then on, I listened to Tiny Dancer before every game I ever played.  It always transported me back to my first big break in college and continues to inspired me to accomplish more. 

Having said all that, with Elton John being at the party, I walked up and ©Jeff Vespa/WireImage.com introducd myself.  I told him how his music had made a really big impact in my life and in my profession.  I told him the relevance of his song, Tiny Dancer, in my football career and he actually reached out to shake and kiss my hand as a gesture.  He was clearly honored and inspired and I felt fortunate to be able to share my experiences with him. 

Elton, thank you for the great music that inspired me and thank you for being so cool when we met this weekend.

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  1. Erik said:

    I bet it was really exciting to meet elton john. I myself listened to elton john music before every game after I read your book and was able to put me into a zone that made me into the player I was.

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